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I love myself.


And the Red Wings won! AND THE STARS DID TOO! I totally jaw-dropped when they sent Bertuzzi out, but holy CRAP, he actually managed to come up with a goal. I think my reaction was along the lines of "HOLY SHIT I THINK THE POLARITY OF THE UNIVERSE JUST REVERSED!

Still not a good night though :( Giant screaming match earlier. This does, however, snap me out of my funk a little.
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By which I mean Tomas Holmstrom. But this isn't about him.

This is about giving Ozzie wicked props for recording his 50th career shutout. I know people doubt the guy, and I've ragged on him for inconsistency (hello, 08-09), but I still love him. Always have, always will. He's the whole reason I became a goalie, and I still maintain that he's one of the greats. I mean, all you have to do is look at his numbers. His HHOF credentials are right there, and no one should be able to dispute it, especially after he backstopped us to two Stanley Cups (almost three).

The ones that do? We know they're full of shit. Ozzie, you're the man now dawg, you've got the heart of a lion and I'm never going to stop believing in you (nor am I going to stop criticizing you when you deserve it, srry2say. Credit where credit is due and none when it's not.)

Here's to you, O Wizard of Oz. We'd be nothing without you.


Also, [ profile] keeper_of_tales has been updated, thrice.

Two fics:

Summary: Nick's trying to finish this press conference, preferably with a minimum of humiliation. If only he could pay attention.

Only Homer
Summary: Nick should know better than to leave Tomas alone with no food.

and a drabble:

Everything Has A Price
Summary: Nick knows better than a lot of people.

Okay, back to NaNoWriMo now :P
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Made by [ profile] he_is_dead_jim

It is also my 500th LJ post, yay!

So let's have 'em. Your macros, your GIFs, your story-threads, your hockey player picspams, bring them here and we shall see how long we can keep this thing going. (I will be going to bed after the game, but I'm working tonight, so let's go :D)

Here, have [ profile] he_is_dead_jim's Swede Mon


And his Swede Von (I did this one lol):


Swede Mon, driving in a Swede von
Drivin like a mad mon
It's the motherfuckin Swede Mon!


Remember, the post is public, so bring friends. Don't let me down, O my F-list.

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Sep. 27th, 2009 11:23 pm
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So you won't hear from me (posting-wise) until Friday.

Unless I delete an old post or something, which is totally cheating, but who cares?

This is my invite post, to the party post on Friday. I wasn't going to be all "formal" (lulz @ me being formal), but [ profile] he_is_dead_jim and I thought it would be funnier to have an actual invitation. Which, by the way, the ever-awesome [ profile] ocenbrez totally took home the gold for.



I'm not sure what time to call it (I have to work that night D:), so suggestions are welcome. IDK, I've never done this before!

My freaking home internet is fucked, BTW. I think the modem is dying, since I went today and bought a new router and new cables. Waahhhh, I don't know WTF to do with no webz at home *sadface* Hopefully I can get it up and running soon, yeah?

Oh and good going tonight Wings! Way to whump Pittsburgh! 4-1, yessss! Now, just keep doing this, aight? Aight. Sounds good.

See you all Friday!

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"Last updated 5 days ago." WTF SERIOUSLY? O.O I don't think I've gone that long without posting since I got my LJ. Weird. I have been distracted with in-browser flash games, but still.

You guys, I have a notebook. It is filled with random notes about my dream house. Most of the stuff is completely foolish and ridiculous, like trap-doors and 18-foot trenches filled with canned peaches, but some of it is feasible.

Like a secret lab.

Hey, I used to think my mom had one. I was convinced of it, in fact. I was dead-sure that it was behind the storage room in our basement, but I could never, ever sort out how the hell to get in there.

Why yes, I was a strange and imaginative child.

Speaking of my mom, she's going down east for a week, because her cousin's getting married. I mentioned this, because she was looking for a dress, and I found one for her. You know what she said to me as we were ringing out?

"I'm so glad one of my kids is gay. Fashion sense, you know."

I was greatly amused and yes, she was teasing :P

This was also the same shopping excursion in which my younger brother and I spent an hour in the parking lot of Costco, bowling Gobstoppers candy at seagulls. It was hysterical, since we had to kind of sneak up on them to bowl the candies close enough for them to see them.

And then they couldn't figure out if they wanted to eat them or not, they kept picking them up and dropping them, then chasing them to pick them up again. Lulz were had.

We're so lame XD

Note: Planning trip to Calgary in August with Tia and above-mentioned brother. This trip? Solely to go to IKEA. Yes, that is the only reason we're making the two hour long drive. IKEA. Chad has never been.

Also, booking October 31 and March 15 off work. Red Wings vs Flames, I cannot miss them. Miiiiiight just book October 9 and February 11 off too. Depends on if I buy a Turco jersey or not >.> *taps fingers* If I wear my Holmstrom jersey and try to get Marty's autograph, do you think he'll get mad at me? XD Or will it just blow his mind? I want to try it and see! :D

And I admit to being incredibly confused at the thought of telling Native people to "go home".

Does. Not. Compute.


Jun. 20th, 2009 08:05 am
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You guys, on a comment on a article...

Someone called Sidney Crosby "Mr. Hockey".

I think I'm going to be sick.

I don't care if it is a troll, you just don't fucking do that!

There is only one Mr. Hockey, and that is Gordie Howe.
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I love my team. We are still the classiest, best and most good looking team in the league. Yes, that last part was jocular ;) We just... didn't play up to the standard we needed to tonight. I still cried, though, and now I don't know what to do with myself. I feel so... so empty. We lost the Stanley Cup, on home ice, in Game 7. I never thought such a thing could happen, but there it is, we can't change it now.

I'll say congrats to Pittsburgh, because they played well tonight, but you can't expect me to be happy for them. I'm not, but I'll stand up and say, they played harder than we did. Still, when I saw Ozzie crying... that was what really sent it home for me. I knew then that it wasn't just a bad dream.

My mother had some friends over, and a couple of them were rooting for the Pens. I don't think they realized how much the Red Wings mean to me until I came upstairs with my brother and full-on burst into tears. I'm talking full bawling, sobs, snot, etc. It wasn't pretty, and they felt bad, which kind of made me feel bad, but hey, the one went to school with Ozzie :) He was her lab partner and got her through science class.

Yeah, I know I'm rambling, but fuck it. I'm upset. It really is more than just a game. Ozzie, you are still my goalie, and my hero. Nick, you are still my Captain (well, you and Steve, because he is the Captain) and still the greatest defenseman in the league. Red Wings, you are still my team and, like I've said before, I'd rather be a fan of the Red Wings when they're losing, than be a fan of any other team. Even one lifting the Stanley Cup. So Pens, enjoy it while you can, because the Cup will be coming home again. Soon.

Home to Hockeytown. Where it belongs.

Oh, and this still makes me laugh my ass off:



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