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Oh yes, you read that right. This is what happens when I get sick and need something to take my mind off my nausea.

I turn the Red Wings (and a couple others) into Sailor Scouts. Yes, those Sailor Scouts. Crazy hair, miniskirts and all.

~Fighting evil by moonlight~ )


I left Sailor Turco outside the cut so you could WTF you were getting into :p
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By which I mean Tomas Holmstrom. But this isn't about him.

This is about giving Ozzie wicked props for recording his 50th career shutout. I know people doubt the guy, and I've ragged on him for inconsistency (hello, 08-09), but I still love him. Always have, always will. He's the whole reason I became a goalie, and I still maintain that he's one of the greats. I mean, all you have to do is look at his numbers. His HHOF credentials are right there, and no one should be able to dispute it, especially after he backstopped us to two Stanley Cups (almost three).

The ones that do? We know they're full of shit. Ozzie, you're the man now dawg, you've got the heart of a lion and I'm never going to stop believing in you (nor am I going to stop criticizing you when you deserve it, srry2say. Credit where credit is due and none when it's not.)

Here's to you, O Wizard of Oz. We'd be nothing without you.


Also, [ profile] keeper_of_tales has been updated, thrice.

Two fics:

Summary: Nick's trying to finish this press conference, preferably with a minimum of humiliation. If only he could pay attention.

Only Homer
Summary: Nick should know better than to leave Tomas alone with no food.

and a drabble:

Everything Has A Price
Summary: Nick knows better than a lot of people.

Okay, back to NaNoWriMo now :P


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